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we pledge to be net zero by 2030

as a friend to the planet, it's our job to take action. ​by reducing our emissions to zero where we can and offsetting them where we cannot, we're pledging to reach Net Zero by 2030.
normcore signature shampoo refill pouches and forever friend bottles

a friend to the planet

as a brand, we understand that we make a large environmental impact. that's why we are taking a hard look at EVERYTHING. from packaging to our shipping regulations, our production process, to even our swag – we're determined to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and energy.​ while we know this is no small feat, we also know how absolutely crucial it is that we do our part to fight Climate Change.​

what we're doing

hand pouring the kure bond repair shampoo refill pouch into bottle
post-consumer (pcr) plastics in our bottles*
*with the exception of 2 skus - 1 undergoing pcr testing, 1 passed its pcr testing as of feb, 2022.
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of profits donated to progressing people and increasing equity in the beauty industry
bust your brass cool blonde repair shampoo and conditioner
energy saving in our production process

how we're getting there

evaluate energy usage + resources
as a crucial stepping stone towards net zero, we're taking a look at out water usage, ingredients + energy usage.
packaging with a purpose
amika is committed to packaging with a purpose. we now use PCR plastics, refill pouches + have continued our recycling partnership with TerraCycle®.
offsetting carbon emissions
by offsetting our carbon emissions, we are now certified by Climate Neutral.
dei + giving back
as a friend to hair, hair stylists, people, and the planet, we donate at least 1% of profits on causes focused on progressing people and increasing equity within the beauty industry.
kind + clean
we’re partnering with Provenance®️, which uses tech to power sustainability claims that you can trust. keep your eyes peeled for the Provenance Proof Points (interactive icons) next to our products!
B Corp certified
taking our commitment to the planet, our community, and you a step further.
corporate social responsibility and sustainability report

CSR + sustainability report 2023

read up on amika's social initiatives and sustainability journey, including where we've been, where we are now, and where we want to go.
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