succulent planted in the kure intense bond repair mask jar

recycle with amika

80% of the 35 million tons of plastic the US produces each year ends up in landfills or oceans. to reduce amika's virgin plastic production, we've partnered with TerraCycle®️ in the US to create a free recycling program for all our packaging. we are working to bring to Canada soon.
dream routine overnight hydration treatment, the kure intense bond repair mask, and soulfood nourishing mask

are amika products recyclable?

Technically yes, but local recyclers sometimes don’t have the ability to recycle all of our packaging. Things like pumps and tubes are not always taken by recycling facilities, which is why amika is partnering with TerraCycle®️ in the US to ensure none of our packaging ends up in a landfill or the ocean. amika is working on a recycling partnership for Canada and other locations.
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