verifying amika's sustainability credentials with Provenance®

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Mary Nunes
Community Manager

As amika continues moving forward on our sustainability journey, we want to ensure we’re keeping you all (our bffs) in the loop with our progress. As you may know, we’ve recently become certified Clean at Sephora (read more about that here and now we’re also partnering with Provenance® to reinforce our sustainability and ethical claims even more. Keep reading to learn more about what that means for the brand!

what is Provenance®?

Trying to shop clean and sustainable brands can be an overwhelming feat. We realize it takes a lot more than using ‘green’ jargon to trust to a brand, and we don’t take that lightly. Provenance® uses technology to power sustainability claims you can trust, so that you can shop in line with your values. They protect shoppers from greenwashing by connecting ‘green’ claims to evidence from the supply chain or third-party verification—they do this through Proof Points. 

what are Proof Points?

Proof Points are interactive icons that represent a claim about us that is supported by real evidence. These proof points show up next to our products, so you know the claims about each product ring true. Some examples of Proof Points are icons that represent ‘vegan,’ ‘recyclable packaging,’ ‘cruelty free,’ and more. In short, if you see one of these Proof Points next to our products, you know it’s the real deal. 

why is amika partnering with Provenance®?

As a friend to the planet, transparency has always been important to us. We know that when you go shopping, you want to know exactly the type of brand and products you’re spending money on. To verify our credibility around our sustainability efforts and to clearly communicate to you exactly what you’re buying, we’re partnering with Provenance®. Keep your eyes peeled for the Provenance® Proof Points next to our products! 

posted: 09/30/2022last modified: 09/30/2022