a close-up image of sea buckthorn berries - amika's hero ingredient

meet your superfruit soulmate

we've infused every single formula with our signature ingredient, sea buckthorn.
image of a container of amika soulfood nourishing mask with the lid next to the container so that the product mask is exposed. In front of the container are some sea buckthorn berries, this product's hero ingredient.

sea buckthorn-powered haircare

known as 1 of earth's most potent, omega-rich plant sources, this superfruit berry nourishes strands, scalp + skin. sea buckthorn works to restore lipids in the hair to help increase shine, manageability, softness + strength—which is why we infuse it into every formula.

sea buckthorn is the solution

a close-up image of sea buckthorn berries and clear product
what are lipids?
lipids help to make up the foundation of the hair structure and are crucial to protecting strands against damage + moisture loss.
image image of a model washing and lathering her hair
why replenish lipids?
daily washing, UV exposure + chemical treatments can cause a loss of lipids in the hair structure which can lead to damage + unwanted frizz. no thanks.
image of a model with wavy styled hair
how does sea buckthorn help?
our signature superfruit is packed with free fatty acids (lipids!), plus it's 70x stronger than vitamin C + has 3x more vitamin A than a carrot. talk about a powerhouse.
an image of sea buckthorn berries growing on a bush and a person's hand going to pick them

a responsibly-sourced superfruit

as proud pals to the planet, we sustainably source our sea buckthorn from a socially + environmentally-responsible, certified organic farm, Puredia, on the Tibetan Plateau in western China.
an image of two people walking in a field of sea buckthorn and carrying baskets on their backs filled with sea buckthorn berries
our pollution-free superfruit is harvested in a certified organic farm, where pesticides + plastic are prohibited. every farmer is trained in sustainable harvesting methods in harmony with the natural cycle.
an image of sea buckthorn berries growing on a bush
Puredia, where we source our superfruit, has donated $1 million dollars to the Sea Buckthorn Fund for Poverty Alleviation to provide education to local children + boost ecotourism to encourage community engagement + preservation of biodiversity.
a GIF image of two bottles of the wizard detangling primer spray, one in jumbo (350 ml / 11.8oz) size and one in 150 ml / 5 oz size, with bubbles and sea buckthorn berries floating by the bottles.

meet the wizard, one of our favorite superfruit heroes

this lipid-replenishing, sea buckthorn-powered priming mist preps all hair types, protects against 450°F + nourishes for silky, shiny strands.

formulas nourished by our superfruit soul