model holds a bottle of amika new rising star volumizing finishing spray

hit the high notes​

with NEW rising star volumizing finishing spray for instant + all day root lift.* ​ *based on a visual expert grading evaluation of 31 subjects. ​
an image of a circular amika bag with yellow sunglasses hanging on the right side and two glass bottles of beverage inside the bag on the left side

cool off!

celebrate summer with an amika-fied cooler bag—yours free when you spend $150+.
the best just got BIGGER
we pumped up our original perk up + perk up plus bottles to create NEW jumbo sizes. we like to say, go big or go shower.
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volume collection featuring big hit volumizing shampoo and conditioner liter sizes and big hit volumizing shampoo and conditioner 275ml and amika neon sign
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the inside scoop on amika: brooklyn lifestyle, all things hair, debunking product myths + serving look inspo, one strand at a time
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Image of a hand holding down the nozzle trigger on our NEW 11.8 oz jumbo wizard detangling spray

we conjured up a new size​​​

keep tangled hair days at bay with a NEW jumbo size of the wizard detangling primer—available here + only here!

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good til the last drop. all the products we can’t get enough of.

group of models holding different amika shampoo bottles

hi there, we're amika!

a friend to hair, hair stylist, her, him, them, and you. we’re a collective of creatives, hairstylists, chemists, and product enthusiasts that like to bend the rules.
latest from the blog
image of display of Amika's new volumizing hair care products set against a purple background. The image features three products: two tall bottles of "Big Hit" volumizing shampoo and conditioner on the left, and one aerosol can of "Rising Star" volumizing finishing spray on the right. Each product has decorative packaging with intricate patterns and vibrant colors. The background features a pink and purple gradient, emphasizing the playful and stylish branding of Amika. The image showcases the volumizing benefits of the "Big Hit" shampoo and conditioner, as well as the "Rising Star" finishing spray.
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how to add volume to your hair

strands falling flat? are your roots struggling to lift and *really* hit those high notes? maybe you...
stylized image of a telephone, keyboard and amika's new perk up ultra oil control dry shampoo 5.3 oz bottle

meet NEW perk up ultra dry shampoo for extra oily scalps

calling all oily scalps! dial up hair’s highest potential with NEW perk up ultra dry shampoo—a power...
amika 60 second treatments

a good hair day’s an amika minute away

let’s face it: life gets busy. whatever you’re balancing–be it work or school, friends or fitness–it...
smooth over frizz-fighting treatment

meet NEW smooth over frizz-fighting treatment

got a min? fight unwanted frizz and seriously smooth strands in 60 seconds with NEW smooth over friz...
amika is b corp certified graphic
amika universe

amika is officially B Corp certified!

Back in 2019, amika set a goal to be B Corp certified by 2024. Fast forward 4 years later, and we’re...