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It’s the summer of prioritizing our strands over here at amika, and what better way to do that than getting all our mane questions answered? We asked our pro educators and stylists their recommendations for some of the most common hair concerns, and luckily for us, they spilled all the tea. Keep reading for their hair hacks!

recommendations for color-treated, coarse, curly hair

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Since curly hair loves hydration, our pro educator, Aoife recommends starting off your curly or coily routine with hydro rush intense moisture shampoo. Infused with hyaluronic acid and coconut water, this lathering shampoo will leave your mane intensely moisturized.

Frequent coloring can weaken your hair so adding the kure bond repair conditioner into your wash day will repair and strengthen your hair.

recommendations for volume + shine

For extra volume at your roots, Aoife recommends reaching for 3D volume and thickening shampoo, which plumps up strands from root to tip. For a boost of glossy shine, she loves pairing it with mirrorball high shine + antioxidant conditioner.

recommendations for an oily scalp + split ends

person with colored hair

Summertime is here, which means more outdoors adventures, and therefore our hair and scalp are in need of a deeper clean. amika pro educator Christina’s hack? reset clarifying gel shampoo! Infused with pink clay and charcoal, it’s perfect for removing oil and product build up (especially if you’re a dry shampoo lover).

For split ends, the kure bond repair conditioner is her go-to! Supercharged with bond cure technology and plant butters, it repairs hair and reduces breakage.

recommendations for dry + frizzy hair

Christina says that frizzy hair craves hydration, so she recommends adding long-lasting moisture to your mane with hydro rush intense moisture shampoo and pairing it with velveteen dream conditioner to smooth and fight frizz.

posted: 06/23/2023last modified: 06/23/2023