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which amika styling spray is right for you?

Imagine this: your hair feels tired, tangled, and in desperate need of some TLC. You have 3 options to choose from that will help—the wizard detangling primer, hydro rush intense moisture leave-in conditioner, or power hour curl refreshing spray. Which do you choose? That all depends on hair type, need, if you're going to use a hot tool on your hair, and personal preference.

In the wonderful world of haircare, sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between products. Today we’ll be breaking down the main differences between three of our styling sprays. Keep reading to learn more!

the wizard detangling primer

Best for: All hair types.

What it is: A detangling spray that cuts down on blow-dry time and protects hair from heat up to 450°F.

When to use it: Spray on damp hair from mid-lengths to ends post-shower to detangle strands and prepare hair for heat styling.

Key ingredients: Sea buckthorn, avocado oil.

hydro rush intense moisture leave-in conditioner

Best for: All hair types experiencing dryness.

What it is: an ultra-moisturizing leave-in conditioner that results in hair 3x more hydrated*, while detangling and reducing frizz.

When to use it: Spray on damp hair from mid-lengths to ends post-shower to help detangle strands and replenish hair hydration.

Key ingredients: hyaluronic acid, squalane, polyglutamic acid, coconut water, blue/green algae.

power hour curl refreshing spray

Best for: Curls and coils.

What it is: A lightweight curl refreshing spray that instantly revives, redefines, and moisturizes curls and coils.

When to use it: Spray on dry curls or coils to instantly refresh hair. Scrunch hair upwards for an extra boost of body.

Key ingredients: Tapioca starch, soybean extract, sea buckthorn.

Which spray do you reach for?

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