the best leave-in conditioner for color-treated and dry hair

the vault color-lock leave-in conditioner
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Becca King
Community Manager

Leave-in conditioners are not new in any way, shape, or form, to the hair industry. However, with so many on the market making different claims + describing a whole array of benefits, it can be hard to know what exactly to look for.

Well, let us introduce you to vault color-lock leave-in conditioner. Our amika-fied version of a leave-in conditioner. Sitting in our color collection, this product works to soften, detangle, and protect color from everyday harmful UV rays. This is just the gist, so let’s take a deeper dive.

why is this product so great?

  • Contains UV filters - these filters protect hair color vibrancy and keeps color from fading to enhance the look of your hair’s overall health. Also, don’t think this means this spray is only for color-treated hair! UV filters are great for all, making this a good leave in conditioner for everyone!
  • Moisturizes + softens – this product contains an amino acid complex that helps restore shine + smoothness for a healthier look and feel.
  • For all hair types! - and yes, we mean everyone! Shout out to our curly friends out there probably thinking, uh huh OKAY. The ingredients in this creamy leave-in work to help seal the cuticle, decrease frizz, and soften coarse hair.

how can you use this product?

  • Style primer – Use vault color-lock leave-in conditioner as your primer before you style. Whether you heat style or air dry, this leave-in has multiple benefits that will set your hair up to live its best life.
  • Style refresher – Noticing some flyaways on second or third day hair? Maybe even right after styling? Spray 1-2 pumps directly into hands and then work through midshafts to ends. This can also be used if you find your hair looking dry or dull throughout the duration of your style.
  • Insider tip - A must have for your beach bag! Spray on hair before you hop into the ocean to avoid salty tangles. Instead, you’ll be left with lusciously moisturized, beach-babe locks.

a real life example

To give you some context, we asked one of our amazing team members, Amanda Garret, to share with our friends how she uses the vault color-lock leave-in conditioner.

“A couple of years ago, I decided to forgo my highlights and update my hair to a fun and funky peachy pink pastel! This means regular bleaching and color processing- so I have to pay attention to how I take care of my hair! Oh, did I mention that I’m a serial heat-styler too? My hair’s texture is an uneven kinda-wavy to really wavy to straight on top, so usually my straightener is my BFF!

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I take care to use color-safe and preserving shampoo and conditioner, and a heat protectant is a no-brainer, but I felt like something was still missing from my hair care routine. I decided to try out the vault color-lock leave-in conditioner, and now I’m hooked! Masking once a week is great but using the vault leave-in adds extra moisture and softness every time I wash! I use it when heat styling or air drying, the latter being very occasional.

person styling hair with curling wand

Here’s my routine (and though I use mostly products from amika’s vault color-lock collection, this would work for someone with highlights or their natural hair color!) I wash with vault color-lock shampoo + conditioner, use the wizard detangling primer for detangling, smoothness and shine, and the vault color-lock leave-in conditioner (focused mostly on my mid-lengths and ends) to moisturize and protect. All of these products smell amazing and help keep my hair as healthy as possible with all that I put it through! So glad I found this missing link!”

If you find yourself relating to the above and thinking, “wow, this is ME”, it’s time to make the switch to vault color-lock leave-in conditioner!

Have any questions? Check out our program for one on one virtual consultations to get specific recommendations!

By Becca King, community manager

posted: 09/03/2020last modified: 09/03/2020