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texture vs. volume: the truth behind that oomph

So, what’s the difference between the words texture and volume? Don’t both mean a little bit of lift and separation when it comes to your hair? TRUE. However, our volume and texture collections achieve this with a slightly different look and some different ingredients. Keep reading to get the full 360 around each collection.

Think about what your hair looks like when you’ve slept on it or spent the entire day swimming in saltwater. That’s exactly what this collection will help you achieve. A main ingredient in this Kaolin Clay, which is a natural mineral. This natural mineral helps absorb excess oil and mattify hair. If you like that super shiny look, this is definitely not the collection for you. In combination with zeolite and sea buckthorn berry oil, products throughout this collection will detox + purify while still keeping hair manageable and healthy. You’ll also find that your hair has way more grip. Essentially, all of these ingredients work to make sure that your strands don’t stick too close together, hence texture and lift that’s temporary.

Our volume collection is also a temporary solution for volume, however, our volume line also has long term benefits that can really help with the health of your hair. Polymers work to temporarily thicken + plump strands while RedensylTM works to improve hair health starting at the root. If you haven’t already, check out this article on the ingredient. The more you know! Hydrolyzed rice protein improves hair volume + manageability, while providing thickness and natural shine to hair. This ingredient is naturally rich in amino acids + contributes to a thicker look and feel. Hydrolyzed vegetable protein contains tiny molecules that are able to penetrate hair to thicken, volumize, lightly moisturize and make hair more pliable from the inside-out. Basically, all of these ingredients work together to create a branching out effect where strands stack on top of each other and create the look of lift.

You’re probably thinking, ok guys, really boil this down. What are we really saying here?

The main difference is whether or not moisture is a main concern for you and what look you’re trying to achieve. If moisture and manageability are important to you, you’re probably going to want to lean more towards our volume collection which will give you lift while maintaining the integrity and health of your hair. Our texture collection also has moisture retaining properties, don’t get us wrong. However, if you have an oilier hair type that doesn’t seem to hold much and want that undone look , the texture collection is the one for you. But, definitely do not feel afraid to cocktail! These collections can totally be mix + matched. For example, use 3D volume and thickening shampoo + conditioner with got grit dry texture paste for manageable hair with a little bit of piecey-ness at towards your ends. Hydrated, voluminous, and effortless!

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