supernova blonde + double agent blow dry brush have been discontinued: here’s what to use instead

double agent 2-in-1 blow dryer and straightening brush
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Jacqueline Aldana
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we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but this story has a silver lining—trust us! transparency is a tightly held value here at amika and you’ll see it everywhere from our ingredients to our price changes, to the safety tests we run on each product. after all, friendships thrive off honesty!

so, bad news first: we’re discontinuing supernova blonde moisture and shine hair cream and double agent blow dry brush. now, for the good news: we’re making way for even more innovation!

that said, if you liked supernova blonde, we have a strand-softening hair cream you’ll love and the name may ring a bell: supernova moisture and shine cream. as for double agent there’s a new and improved* tool in town. enter: hair 2.0 blow dry brush. we know it’s tough when a fave gets discontinued, so we’d like to introduce you to a couple trusted alternatives–they’re just as good, we promise!

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what is supernova blonde moisture and shine hair cream?

a violet leave-in cream that tones, weightlessly hydrates, tames frizz, and protects hair from heat damage.


what you can use instead: supernova moisture and shine cream

meet your new go-to for supernaturally soft and shiny strands: supernova moisture and shine cream. this nourishing leave-in cream provides the same lightweight hydration and heat protection you know and love, minus the violet tone so you can hydrate your hair as often as you’d like!

after showering, squeeze a dollop of this rich-but-weightless cream into hands and dispense through damp hair before styling. we’ve packed this formula with powerful players like our signature ingredient, sea buckthorn, plus butylene glycol, a skincare favorite for boosting moisture. the result? silky-smooth blowouts (sans heat damage!) and air-dried looks free of frizz.

what is double agent blow dry brush?

a 2-in-1 blow dryer and straightening brush that takes hair from just washed and damp to dry and sleek, all in one tool.


what you can use instead: hair 2.0 blow dry brush

make room in your toolkit for the new and improved* hair 2.0 blow dry brush. made to multitask, we’ve equipped this 2-in-1 brush with the power of our top tools–a round hair brush and a blow dryer–to help you create bouncy, fresh-from-the-salon blowouts at home. in fact, this innovative styling tool is clinically proven to give you 2x the shine,** all while banishing unwanted frizz for an effortless, glossy finish.

the large oval barrel creates volume at the root and sleekness along the hair shaft while a mix of long and short bristles detangle, smooth, and minimize breakage. plus, this lightweight design features adjustable heat settings to provide a totally customized blowout that works for every hair type!

*improved internal mechanisms to promote tool life

**compared to the leading competitor

posted: 05/23/2024last modified: 05/23/2024