meet NEW smooth over frizz-fighting treatment

smooth over frizz-fighting treatment
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got a min? fight unwanted frizz and seriously smooth strands in 60 seconds with NEW smooth over frizz-fighting treatment. the newest addition to our smoothing collection has arrived and it’s clinically proven to deliver whoa-worthy results–fast. it’s the ultimate addition to your wash day lineup if you’re looking to unfriend frizz. let’s dive into the details:

hair before and after using smooth over frizz-fighting treatment

60 seconds to smooth frizz

introducing new smooth over frizz-fighting treatment, a fast-acting treatment that’s clinically proven to reduce frizz. in 60 seconds, this rinse-out formula instantly reduces frizz by 73% with time-released humidity protection so you can go play it smooth for up to 72 hours (even in high humidity!).

you may be asking yourself: is smooth over frizz-fighting treatment for you? this in-shower treatment is perfect for all hair types, textures + styles leaving strands looking and feeling softer, shinier, and more manageable. just don’t forget, for best results, heat style your hair after application.

TL;DR: it’s your hair—only 2.2x smoother*

smooth over frizz-fighting treatment

no frizz. no nasties.

smooth over frizz-fighting treatment is infused with hardworking vegan ingredients so you can instantly fight unwanted frizz, without stressing out your strands. we’ve packed this formula with smoothing superstars like:

  • glycolic acid: helps to form a barrier that seals + smooths the hair cuticle, creating an umbrella-like effect to reduce frizz.
  • water lily extract: helps to tame frizz + improve manageability.
  • sea buckthorn: our signature ingredient that’s loaded with vitamin C, A, fatty acid omega 7 + antioxidants making it the ultimate holy grail ingredient for hair + scalp.
  • aloe leaf juice: adds luster while allowing hair to retain its natural moisture
  • provitamin b5: promotes hair’s resilience while smoothing + conditioning
  • salsphere: helps extend style by combating humidity + smoothing
velveteen dream smoothing shampoo and conditioner and smooth over frizz-fighting treatment

how to unfriend frizz

After cleansing + conditioning (we recommend velveteen dream shampoo and conditioner for a super-smoothing routine!) squeeze the excess water out of your hair. Using the handy needle-nose applicator, apply smooth over frizz-fighting treatment directly to your hair–fully saturating from mid-lengths to ends. Wait just 60 seconds and voila, instantly smoother strands! For best results, be sure to style your hair with heat.

*clinically proven, after one use.

posted: 02/19/2024last modified: 02/19/2024