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Becca King
Community Manager

Now that salons are closing and you can't get that perfect blowout from your favorite stylist, we wanted to give you some tips and tricks that you can use in the meantime to give yourself a salon quality blowout at home! Our friend Claire Speers, amika pro educator, is deconstructing the perfect blowout below!

the perfect blowout w/ @clairecutshair

"Ever wonder how to get that just-left-the-salon volume at home? Let me introduce you to your new BFF - the amika blowout babe thermal brush.

Whether you are looking to recreate the volume your stylist gives you, or freshen up your style in under 10 min, I'm going to walk you through a step by step guide to get show stopping hair a home.

  1. Apply perk up dry shampoo at the root area. This will eliminate dirt and oil, leaving you with volume and fresh hair.
  2. Prep hair from mids to ends with the shield anti-humidity spray ; this will protect your stands up to 450 degrees and extend the life of your blowout.
  3. Section off the hair - make your life easy and map it out! Use any clips to secure.
  4. Use the blowout babe thermal brush with sections no larger than the barrel to roll the hair in the direction you desire. Remember, you want to accentuate your features, so don't be afraid to roll both towards and away from your face 🙂
  5. Next - use a pin curl clip to set the curl. Allowing the curl to cool off will extend your blowout!
  6. Keep in mind, you don't need to do your entire head! I prefer to do the "halo section" of my own hair - also known as the "crown" area
  7. Set with un.done volume and matte texture spray to give a light hold and add a little grit.
  8. Drop your curls down and shake it out!
  9. Shape your hair into your desired shape - don't be afraid to use your hands as your tool
  10. Enjoy your fabulous blowout that will last you DAYS! You can go in with the blowout babe thermal brush the following days to come to simply touch up small sections and keep your style looking fresh!"

-Claire S.

posted: 02/10/2023last modified: 02/10/2023