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how to tell if your hair is dry or damaged

hydro rush intense moisture shampoo and conditioner and the kure bond repair shampoo and conditioner
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Jacqueline Aldana
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Your strand symptoms: brittle, dull, hay-like hair. The diagnosis: here’s where it gets tricky...your hair could be dry, damaged, or both. To reach the final verdict—and your perfect reparative routine—we tapped our pro educators to break down the differences. Keep reading to learn more about dryness vs. damage.

what is dryness?

TL;DR: Dry hair lacks moisture.

Porosity: Dry hair can be low, med, or high porosity, but low porosity hair types have the most trouble absorbing moisture.

The cause: Cold weather, too much heat, washing your hair too often, or your strands have a natural difficulty absorbing moisture.

The solution: We recommend using moisture-rich products—bonus points if they’re silicone-free! Our hydro rush intense moisture collection checks off both those boxes (among others). Infused with squalane and hyaluronic acid, our hydro rush collection deeply hydrates intensely dehydrated, coarse, and low porosity hair, leaving hair more moisturized for days. Plus, the silicone-free formulas allow the nutrients to easily soak into strands.

what is damage?

TL;DR: Damaged hair lacks protein.

Porosity: High porosity hair types tend to be more prone to damage because it means their cuticle is wide open.

The cause: Damaged hair can be caused by chemical services, heat, mechanical damage, or even wearing hairstyles that are too tight.

The solution: Damaged hair needs strength and proteins to help build back the broken bonds of your hair strand—which is why we recommend the kure collection. Supercharged with bond cure technology, plant butters, and vegan proteins, the kure repairs, strengthens, and hydrates hair. It’s great for all hair types and high porosity hair.

posted: 08/16/2023last modified: 08/16/2023