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how to revive flat + limp hair: a guide

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Becca King
Community Manager

If you’re someone that has fine hair, you know how much of a struggle it can be to get your strands where you want them. Popular methods include blowouts, back-combing, applying a volumizing mousse, blow drying your hair upside down, etc. The list could go on forever.

Instead of delving into methods that could damage your hair, let’s chat about our volume collection; the antidote to your flat hair. Here at amika, all hair is welcome, which is why we created a collection for this concern that effects many of our community members. So, let us show you specific styling products you can integrate seamlessly into your existing routine for your perfectly unique + voluminous look.

if you love a blowout

If you’re a blowout master, you already (most likely) have a routine that you’ve gotten down to a science. If you haven’t gotten that process down just yet, click here to read more about our hair blow dryer brush; aka the easiest way to do your own blowout at home. Every blowout routine needs a styling product to help do some of the heavy lifting. Enter, brooklyn bombshell blowout spray. This weightless spray and blowout primer plumps strands to give you ultimate volume, body, and shine with a crunch-free finish. For best results, spray on damp hair section by section, from roots to ends before blow drying.

need oomph and hold?

Not only does fine hair tend to be flat (duh), but because of this, it can be really difficult for it to hold a style. If you have fine curly hair, you’ll ESPECIALLY be able to relate to this one. For that extra oomph and hold, reach for plus size perfect body mousse. Amp up your hair for a fuller look and feel with this airy medium-hold volumizing and bodifying mousse. For the best results, shake the can well before use and apply a palm-sized amount evenly through damp hair from roots to ends.

is root lift what you’re after?

If you find that you’re lacking volume at the root of your hair and towards the scalp, have no fear. Our thicc volumizing base is here; a lightweight, highly-concentrated styling-treatment hybrid for immediate hair plumpness. This highly-concentrated styling-treatment hybrid formulated with Redensyl®* works as a body-boosting base to plump and thicken hair strands for touchable hair with volume that lasts all day.

With thicc, a little bit goes a long way. We’re going to let a good friend of ours, Krystal, show you how to get optimal results:

*patented blend of ingredients that promotes thicker, fuller hair.

posted: 01/15/2021last modified: 01/15/2021