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how to hydrate, strengthen, and protect your curls, coils, and kinks 

Welcome to our curly hair routine series! 

Curls, coils, and kinks au naturel can sometimes be hard to navigate. Textured hair needs 4 main things to thrive: styling, strengthening, plenty of hydration, and scalp-care. We've curated 4 hair routines that are sure to give your strands a healthy dose of TLC and get you ready for hot curl summer (see what we did there?). 

The next installment in our routine series is one that will rescue your curly locks from everyday wear and tear. Keep scrolling to read up on our strengthen and protect hair routine.

why should your natural hair routine focus on strength and protection?

Curls, kinks, and coils are susceptible to damage from manipulation, heat styling, and environmental stressors. Pulling from braiding, hair tie usage, and styling can also damage hair, so we recommend moisturizing, protecting, and strengthening strands for stress-free style shifting.

products you'll need

  • the kure bond repair shampoo: A bond repair shampoo that luxuriously lathers and is clinically proven to repair and strengthen damaged strands due to everyday stressors, heat, and chemical treatments.
  • multi-task repair treatment: This fast-acting rinse-out treatment strengthens your strands and repairs damage in a mere 60 seconds. Clinically proven to result in hair that is 2.4x stronger*, has 74% more repair*, and 58% less breakage.* 

*compared to control after 3 uses. clinically tested.

  • the kure bond repair conditioner: A bond repair conditioner that’s ultra-moisturizing and clinically proven to repair and strengthen damaged strands due to everyday stressors, heat, and chemical treatments.
the kure bond repair shampoo | amika
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the kure bond repair conditioner | amika
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the routine

Keep your eyes peeled for our next curly hair routine installment!

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