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how to fix dry and damaged hair

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Becca King
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Alright y’all. We’re in the dead of winter here in Brooklyn, so you know what that means. Layers and layers of clothing (when it isn’t one of those weird hot days in January), hats, gloves, and streets acting like wind tunnels. Your skin is dry and so is your hair. We aren’t exactly skin experts, but we can DEFINITELY give some tips and tricks on how to save your hair during this super cold + dry season.

regular masking

Our best-selling soulfood nourishing mask is truly a game changer for dry hair. One of our team members even substitutes it for conditioner because she loves it so much. Lookin’ at you Juanita. Apply this mask while you’re in the bath, working out, cooking, or cleaning, and rinse for incredibly soft hair. This mask contains jojoba seed oil, which deposits into the cuticle surface to create the look + feel of stronger hair, as well as vitamin c, which assists in the reduction of free radicals. Tiff, an amika customer said, “I like to leave this in for longer than 10 minutes because I feel like it makes my hair even softer. It makes your hair smooth without weighing it down or making it look greasy, but your hair looks naturally shinier. A great hair mask!”

use dry shampoo whenever possible

The worst thing you can do for dry hair is over-wash. To maintain your style and refresh, apply perk up dry shampoo. Why is it different from the other 200 dry shampoo’s out there? Perk up dry shampoo is a talc-free, true dry cleanser that absorbs oil and refreshes hair with natural rice starch, and leaves no white residue, ever.

healthy hair starts at the scalp

Regular trims will definitely help the appearance of dryness; however, you should really be focusing on your scalp. Make sure to break up any buildup or oil that may be sitting on your scalp to help invigorate + hydrate the scalp. Our detox collection contains key ingredients like pink clay and charcoal that gently draw out impurities and remove product build-up without stripping hair. It's the perfect weekly remedy for dry shampoo junkies whose scalp needs a breather!

focus on your ends

Your hair may appear very dry due to damaged ends. This usually means…. split ends. This is where you will see that a trim makes a huge difference. Getting rid of those dead ends will visibly change the appearance of hair. If you feel like you can’t part with any of your length, try supernova moisture + shine cream. This supreme leave-in cream weightlessly provides superior hydration and lightweight-conditioning, leaving hair supernaturally soft and smooth with brilliant shine. Apply this to damp hair, starting from midshaft and working all the way down. Style as usual. If you need added moisture, apply a small amount to dry hair as well. And for blonde's, try our violet version that tones while moisturizing. And last but not least, for our hat-wearers, silken up dry conditioner is going to be your new best friend.

posted: 01/23/2020last modified: 01/23/2020