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how to find your perfect hair routine for your shade of blonde

We’re about to drop a truth bomb on you: not all shades of blonde are the same, and neither are the routines needed to maintain them. There is no one-size-fits-all regimen for blonde hair, so we’re here to guide you through exactly how to determine what routine is best for your shade of blonde, hair type, and desired look.

assess your hair

Determine the porosity and toning needs of your hair. Our blonde products are not hyper-pigmented, meaning they won’t overtone when used as directedhowever, extremely porous hair could absorb the pigment more than expected. If you’re concerned about over-toning, we suggest using the bust your brass mask on a test strip for no more than 5 minutes on the nape of the hair before settling on a routine.

if you are a natural (non-color treated) blonde

Natural blondes don’t require as much toning and experience most changes due to sun exposure. If you are this shade of blonde, you won’t see as dramatic of a change in tone, as natural blonde hair is naturally less porous.

• in the summer months (when hair is more likely to become brassy), use the bust your brass shampoo and conditioner every other wash.
• use the bust your brass repair mask 1x per week in place of conditioner.

if you are a platinum blonde

Platinum blondes crave super cool, no-brass tones. Their hair tends to be extremely porous and fragile after a full process. This is really where we recommend doing a test strip to identify how porous the hair is. Assess your hair’s tone and adjust your routine as needed.

• To maintain tone, use bust your brass shampoo + conditioner every other wash.
• We suggest alternating bust your brass shampoo and conditioner with the kure bond repair shampoo and conditioner, in addition to the multi-task repair treatment.
• Use bust your brass repair mask 1x per week in place of conditioner.
• If you notice any pesky brassiness pop up, use the bust your brass system every wash until desired tone is reached.
• Keep track of your tone: if you're loving your tone, keep up your routine as is. If you notice brassiness peeking in, increase use of the bust your brass mask an additional time per week. If you are a little too icy and nearing a violet tone, cut back on the bust your brass routine for a week or two.

if you have highlights, a balayage, or natural-looking (color-treated) blonde hair

This category really encompasses anyone who has blonde integrated with their natural hair color.

• Use bust your brass shampoo and conditioner every other wash.
• Assess hair's tone and pivot (increase or decrease usage) as needed.
• Those with naturally dark hair should use the bust your brass intense repair mask 1x per week in place of conditioner.
• Please note: naturally darker or brunette hair will fight to return to natural hair color; in this case, increase the usage of system.

if you have gray hair

When hair goes gray it often becomes coarser and dryer. Additionally, it cannot be over pigmented, so that’s never a concern in this category.

• Use bust your brass repair shampoo and mask every wash or alternate every other wash with the kure collection.

if you are a textured blonde

Textured blonde hair often needs additional moisture and detangling benefits.

• Follow the regimen suggested above based on type of blonde, but use the bust your brass repair mask in place of conditioner for an extra dose of moisture. The bust your brass repair mask is the perfect mix of toning, moisture, and repair which is just what a textured blonde needs.

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