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how to choose the right hair mask for you

When asked what a facemask is, what comes to mind? A spa night with your friends? Maybe a set of cucumber-adorned eyes and a promise of clearer skin? Most of us are well-versed in the plethora of facemasks and their benefits, but if we asked what comes to mind when you think of a hair mask, what would you say? More importantly, if you’re deciding which hair mask is right for you, how do you choose the right one? The first step in discovering that answer is to understand exactly what a hair mask is.

bust your brass intense repair hair mask texture, soulfood nourishing hair mask texture, the kure intense bond repair hair mask texture

what is a hair mask?

According to our Styling Education Specialist Christina Carlsson, making the comparison between a hair mask and a facemask isn’t off base. Just like a facemask, “a hair mask is a prescriptive hair treatment. It will add extra moisture and address any specific needs you have.” Director of Education Jamie Brown also adds, “we do need to incorporate different approaches to repair, moisture, hydration, and overall hair health” which is why hair masks are so crucial.

One misconception about hair masks is that they are too heavy for oily hair – this is false. “The dry ends of your strands actually contribute to the cycle of oil production and masks (applied mid through ends) will help bring better balance to your overall scalp and hair health.” Now that we know what a hair mask is, how do you choose the right one for you? Keep reading to find out.

if you’re new to hair masks…

If you’re new to hair masks and don’t know where to begin (trust us, we know it's overwhelming), soulfood nourishing mask is a great starting point. It’s a universal mask for all hair types that need an extra dose of hydration and nutrients. It’s rich and moisturizing formula never weighs down hair and leaves your mane manageable and soft for days.

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if your hair is coarse, dry, and damaged…

The kure intense bond repair mask is your match made in (hair) heaven. This ultra-moisturizing hair mask is packed with bond cure technology, mango and shea butter, borage oil, and sea buckthorn. It’s clinically proven after one use to result in hair that is 3.2x stronger, 8x more conditioned, with 69% less breakage. On top of that, the rich formula significantly hydrates parched strands for your healthiest-looking mane ever.

the kure intense bond repair mask | amika
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if your hair is blonde, silver, or gray…

Bust your brass intense repair hair mask will be your BFF. Packed with bond cure technology, plant butters, vegan proteins, and ultra-violet pigments, this salon service in a jar delivers your brightest and strongest blonde yet. The reparative mask is also clinically proven to result in healthier hair that is 8x more conditioned*, 2.2x stronger*, with 56% less breakage*.

*clinically tested.

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if you want some extra shine…

For your most lustrous locks, finish off your shower routine with flash instant shine mask. This flash-acting mask delivers brilliant shine and intense softness in just 60 seconds. This finishing touch turns all hair types from dull to dazzling.

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if your hair is fine and damaged…

If your hair falls in the category of fine to medium and you struggle with damaged strands, multi-task repair treatment is for you. this is a concentrated daily hair serum that strengthens your mane and repairs damage in 60 seconds. It is clinically proven to result in hair that is 2.4x stronger* with 74% more repair*, and 58% less breakage*.

*clinically tested.

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how to DIY your hair mask

To personalize your hair masking experience even more, feel free to mix and mask (see what we did there?) these with other amika products.

Soulfood nourishing mask is a perfect base for a DIY masking moment. To read about how to DIY soulfood, click here. Similarly, the kure intense bond repair mask is great to cocktail with. If you’re in need of repair and a boost of pigment, mix a couple drops of your preferred mixtape toning drops into a scoop of the kure. Another way to optimize this reparative mask is to layer! Apply multi-task repair treatment, leave on for 60 seconds, then layer the kure on top – it’s the ultimate repair treatment.

Still don’t know what hair mask is the one? Take our hair quiz here and find out!

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