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We all want our haircare routine to bring out the best in our strands—whether it’s enhancing tight textures, smoothing split ends, or healing damage from your blonde era. The challenge is: the ideal routine looks different for everyone! We know finding your perfect-fit products is easier said than done—but no sweat, we’re here to help! Keep reading for tips + tricks to build a routine that cares for your unique needs and helps you love all your hair days.

how to pick a shampoo

We tapped our trusted experts for pointers on how to pick the perfect shampoo and spoiler alert: it starts at the scalp. By now, most of us know our skin type, but did you know there are different scalp types? After all, your scalp is skin too! Whether you’re feeling dry, oily, or dull, read on for shampoo picks that are just right for your scalp.

shampoo for a dry scalp

Dandruff, tightness, and itchiness got you down? Relief is on the way. The solution to your scalp situation is hydration—and lots of it. Luckily, we’ve got hydro rush intense moisture shampoo for that! This gentle cleanser is infused with skincare superstars like hyaluronic acid, squalane, and coconut water for a soothed, flake-free scalp and 3x more hydration.*

*clinically proven, shampoo + conditioner when used as a system

shampoo for an oily scalp

Picture this: You’re two days post-shower and your roots are glistening...and not in a good way. 

Enter: the detox collection to cut through grease and gunk for a scalp that feels fresher longer. These cleansers are made with salicylic acid and pink clay (the skincare ingredients you’d find in a pore-purifying face mask) to absorb excess oils and gently exfoliate. Take your pick from a pre-wash cleansing oil, an exfoliating jelly shampoo, and a clarifying gel-to-foam shampoo—or use all three for a serious scalp reset.

shampoo for a normal scalp

So, your scalp’s problem-free—lucky you! normcore signature shampoo is the not-so-basic basic you need to keep you in the clear. This good-for-you cleanser is loaded with our favorite omega-7-rich superfruit, sea buckthorn, to nourish, soften, and leave hair 7x more conditioned.*

*clinically proven when using shampoo + conditioner as a system.

how to pick a conditioner

Fans of the strand, you may remember our deep-dive on hair zoning (here’s the blog post if you need a refresh). TL;DR: Shampoo addresses the needs of your scalp, while conditioner cares for your ends. Chances are you’ve been buying your shampoo + conditioner in matching sets—and there’s nothing wrong with that—but mixing + matching to create a custom combo could change your hair game for the better. Read on for recommendations tailored to your end concerns. 

conditioner for damaged ends

First things first, identify if your ends are damaged or just dry—we break down the differences in this quick read. Dry? Skip ahead. Damaged? You’re in the right place. the kure bond hair repair conditioner strengthens strands that have taken a beating from chemical treatments, heat styling, and everyday stressors. This science-forward formula features bond cure technology to bring brittle hair back from its breaking point. The result: 7x more repair,* 55% less breakage,* and 2x stronger hair after one use.*

*compared to control when used with the kure bond repair shampoo, clinically tested.

conditioner for dry ends

If you have dry ends, you’re not alone—it’s one of the hair world’s most common concerns. Think of it this way: if you want to lock moisture into dehydrated skin, you’d reach for occlusive oils and rich butters. The same goes for haircare! Our hydro rush intense moisture conditioner is infused with hydrating heroes (the same stuff in your favorite moisturizer) to promote moisture retention and boost hydration for 72 hours.*

*clinically proven, shampoo + conditioner when used as a system.

conditioner for frizzy ends

For silky strands that can stand the test of time (and a balmy Brooklyn summer) we reach for velveteen dream smoothing conditioner. The talented team behind this formula didn’t stop at smooth and shiny; they took it one step further by adding time-released humidity protection to maintain a frizz-free finish even when things heat up. 

how to pick a hair mask

The right conditioner can work wonders, but some concerns call for more serious reinforcements. Whether your ends are fried, your blonde is brassy, or your ’do is feeling more like a don’t, rest assured, we’ve got a hair mask for every ask. Our experts weighed in to recommend the masks made to tackle your mane concerns—and add a little TLC to your routine.

a mask for brassy hair

bust your brass cool blonde hair mask is like a salon service in a jar: the ultra-violet pigments tone unwanted brassy hues, while bond cure technology and quinoa protein work to strengthen strands damaged by bleach. All blondes, silvers, and grays can benefit from the brightening and hydrating effects of this mask—clinically proven for hair that’s 8x more conditioned,* 2.2x stronger,* with 56% less breakage.* 

*clinically tested

a mask for dull hair

The bad news: there are so many factors that contribute to lackluster locks, including pollution, UV exposure, product build-up...the list goes on and on. The good news: it only takes 60 seconds to take hair from dull to dazzling. flash instant shine mask delivers brilliant shine (and instant gratification!) in just a minute with strand-softening flaxseed, cuticle-smoothing amino acids, and UV filters that keep color looking vibrant.

a mask for dry hair

Rest easy, we’ve got your concerns covered—even while you sleep. put dry hair to bed with dream routine overnight hydrating hair mask, a long-lasting treatment that boosts moisture for 72 hours* and lasts for up to 4 washes.* This pillow-friendly product is infused with the ingredients of your dreams—hyaluronic acid, blue/green algae, and coconut water—for hair that’s 3x more hydrated by morning.*

*clinically proven, when used as directed

how to pick a styling product

You’ve made it out of the what? While we love letting our hair do its thing, sometimes our strands need a little guidance. Whether you’d like to wear it tight or tousled, sleek or curly, your hairstyle goals will make product selection a cinch. Continue reading for the styling products our pros pick to protect, refresh, and so much more.

a detangler for heat styling

According to our experts: if you can only choose one thing, choose heat protection. Whether your hot tool of choice is a blow dryer, a flat iron, or a super-cool combo of both, the wizard detangling primer has your strands covered with thermal protection up to 450°f. Our all-in-one hair mist also detangles, hydrates, nourishes, and smooths strands—so yeah, it’s kind of a big deal.

a dry shampoo for sleek styles

Did you know? Our 5.3 oz. perk up dry shampoo is the #1 bestselling dry shampoo in the US!* It’s our most-loved for good reason: This talc-free dry shampoo absorbs oil, reduces odor, and refreshes your scalp and strands without a trace of white residue—all while restoring ‘oomph.’ It’s the ultimate miracle worker between wash days for a freshly washed look.

*Source: The NPD Group/U.S. Prestige Beauty Total Measured Market, Hair Product Sales, 12 months ending December 2022

a defining cream for curly styles

Curly, coily, and wavy types, your search for the perfect product ends here. curl corps defining cream moisturizes, softens, and enhances with a lightweight cream formula that leaves your twists touchable—no crunch here! What sets this curl cream apart is the oat peptide, which forms a protective barrier on hair to lock in moisture and deliver bouncy, beautiful curls that last. 

how to build a hair routine with ace

Quick recap: your scalp type decided your shampoo choice, the state of your ends determined the perfect conditioner, your mane concern made a mask selection, and your hairstyle helped you find your styling secret. Got all that? If not, no worries! Ace, our virtual hair assistant, is always available to help you build a routine you’ll love. Simply share your hair goals and concerns (Ace will never spill your secrets!) and our resident hair expert will create a custom plan just for you. 

posted: 09/23/2023last modified: 09/23/2023