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heatless hairstyles: amika edition

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Laurel Kho
Community Manager

We’ll be the first to admit, we love a good old-fashioned blow out. Beachy waves? Sign us up! A straight and sleek finish? Yes, please. But here’s the thing: sometimes our strands need a break from hot tools. Not only that, but it’s now the middle of summer which means the less heat, the better. Keep reading for ways to air dry your ‘do with flare.

heatless hairstyling products

While we love getting out of the shower and letting our hair do its thing, sometimes it needs a little…ahem…guidance. Luckily, our favorite styling products are here to amp up your air-dried looks!

  • perk up dry shampoo: Keep your style fresh with perk up dry shampoo! It absorbs oil and odor while restoring a voluminous oomph.
  • curl corps defining cream: If you have wavy, curly, or coil strands, apply curl corps defining cream to damp hair to help define, moisturize, and breathe life back into your curls.
  • un.done volume and matte texture spray: Instead of reaching for your beach waver, apply un.done volume and matte texture spray for perfectly-imperfect texture and a boost of volume.
  • top gloss shine spray: Fake that post-blowout glow with top gloss shine spray. Spray onto your air-dried hair for an ultra-glossy finish.
  • on lock high hold hair wax: If you’re going for an up-do, on lock is the perfect styler for you! The buildable formula and workable high hold provide a natural finish on all heatless styles.
    Pro tip: Use double-pronged clips at your roots while your hair dries to give you extra volume!
  • hydro rush intense moisture leave-in conditioner: Set your strands up for success with this hydrating leave-in conditioner that helps to reduce uwanted frizz and detangle so you can air-dry air in peace.

Let us know your favorite heatless hairstyle hack in the comments!

posted: 07/31/2023last modified: 07/31/2023