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dream routine overnight hydration treatment
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Mary Nunes
Community Manager

As a professional-grade brand, we feel incredibly lucky to have the ability to consult the experts of the industry, aka. our stylists. amika is a Brooklyn-born and salon-raised brand, keeping our professional space in mind always. Whenever we launch something new, we always love to hear what our stylist league has to say about it, if they have any tips or tricks on how to use it, or if they think we could make any improvements. Now that our dream routine overnight hydration treatment has been out in the world for 3 and a half months, we wanted to tap into their knowledge and hear about what they have to say about it. Keep reading for what they have to say!

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our stylists’ thoughts on dream routine overnight hydration treatment

“The smell is amazing! My hair is so soft (and hydrated) when I wake up in the morning! My clients are absolutely loving the results as well, keeping it by their bedside so it's easy to remember (to) apply!” - Alison M. Neri

“The simplicity, the feel, and the smell. It delivers a balanced amount of moisture but didn’t leave my pillow dirty. Great for many hair types.” - Brandon Prowell

“I love how easy it is to use, it’s so lightweight that I can use it every night! My extensions had a color on them that made them get matted and super dry, so I used dream routine religiously and could see a significant difference after the first use & now they feel BRAND NEW.” - Kristi Day

“I absolutely LOVE this treatment. Used it on all types of textures and it feels amazing. I even had blow-dried it in, requested by client, and it felt super soft and light. Awesome product. Definitely going to grab some for my retail.” - Ashley Truax

“I love how it makes my hair feel protected before 8 hours on a pillow - and when I wake up, my hair still feels clean and soft! It's a holy grail in my nightly routine now.” - Cassandra Balenzano

“Love the packaging. Love the smell, and how soft your hands are after using it. I have clients that will skip a blowout to get a dream routine-infused braid now. Worth every penny!” - Taylor Tucker

“Would love to recommend this to clients with extensions!” - Brandon Prowel

There you have it; our stylists have spoken. Check out a few other ways to use dream routine below:

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tips + tricks on how to use dream routine

  1. Before bed, use it on your ends and spray perk up in your roots so you wake up with hydrated hair, volume, and fresh roots!
  2. Wash your hair with hydro rush intense moisture shampoo and conditioner in the morning, then use dream routine before bed for the ultimate hydration.
  3. Use dream routine before bed on dry OR damp hair!
  4. Apply dream routine on ends then wrap hair in a silk bonnet.

How do you use dream routine? Let us know if the comments below!

posted: 08/30/2022last modified: 08/30/2022