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Mary Nunes
Community Manager

Note: this blog post has been updated on 11/23/22 based on our most up-to-date testing. 

As a trusted friend to all, our first priority is always the safety of our customers, the integrity of our products, and to always be transparent with all of you. In light of the recent and ongoing news regarding benzene being found in personal care aerosols, we’ve been getting an outpour of questions from our community about whether amika aerosols are safe.

Benzene is a chemical often found in aerosols that expel propellant and is known to cause harmful health effects when exposed to high amounts. Earlier this year, we tested all in-market aerosols for benzene content, all of which came back with no detectable benzene (down to 0.1 parts per million (ppm)). Please be assured that our propellant suppliers test our materials before using them in our formulas to ensure the benzene levels are below 2 ppm, the tolerance level as set by the FDA for pharmaceuticals. All our results showed we remain far below the tolerance level, and the recent spot testing seen in the press confirms this. We remain committed to continuously monitoring our products to ensure that they remain safe. As an extra precaution, on 11/1/22 we sent out randomly selected, existing batches for an additional layer of testing. The results of these new tests continue to confirm there is no detectable benzene in any of our aerosol products down to 0.1ppm. Note that all aerosols by amika were tested, including both Perk Up Dry Shampoo and Perk Up Plus Dry Shampoo.  

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benzene testing summary
perk up dry shampoo analytical/chemical certificate of analysis
perk up plus extended clean dry shampoo analytical/chemical certificate of analysis
plus size perfect body mousse analytical/chemical certificate of analysis
un.done volume and matte texture spray analytical/chemical certificate of analysis
perk up dry shampoo analytical/chemical certificate of analysis
aerosol products

We hope this helps you feel confident in the safety of amika products but if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to send them our way!

For more details on the key ingredients that make up our dry shampoos, keep reading.

perk up dry shampoo key ingredients

Sea buckthorn: One of the most potent natural ingredients on the planet, it is one of the few known plant sources of the fatty-acid omega 7. The superfruit is loaded with 15 times more vitamin c than an orange and 3 times more vitamin a than a carrot, making it the ultimate holy grail ingredient for healthier hair and scalp. Even better, our sea buckthorn is sustainably sourced from Tibet!

Rice starch: We ditched the standard aluminum starch for natural rice starch to absorb oil and restore hair's oomph.

For the full ingredient list, click here.

perk up plus extended clean dry shampoo key ingredients

AHA mandelic acid: A gentle AHA that helps the scalp stay balanced. AHAs are a popular ingredient used in skincare as an exfoliant—read more on that here!

Rambutan seed extract: especially high in Vitamin C, this superfruit has hydrating properties which can help increase hair vitality.

Arrowroot powder: native to rainforest habitats, this sustainably sourced powder is highly absorbent and soaks up excess oil.

Peptides: support collagen and elastin, helping to improve overall scalp health.

For the full ingredient list, click here.

posted: 11/04/2022last modified: 11/04/2022