4 perk up dry shampoo questions, answered

perk up dry shampoo
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National Dry Shampoo Day is here! In our opinion, it’s an underrated holiday. Dry shampoo deserves a day dedicating to giving thanks for its magical powers—like the days it has saved you from being late to work, given you an enormous amount of volume, or just made you feel refreshed!

In honor of National Dry Shampoo Day, we’re answering some common burning questions asked about perk up dry shampoo.

what does dry shampoo do for your hair?

Let’s start with the basics – dry shampoo is typically a spray (although it can come in other forms) that reduces oil and odor in your hair without having to wash it with an actual shampoo. This means that dry shampoo helps stave off wash days, saving your hair from over-washing (which can in-turn, dry out your hair). A secondary benefit to dry shampoo is the added voluminous ‘oomph’ it gives to your roots when you feel like your hair is falling flat.

how do I apply perk up dry shampoo correctly? especially on dark hair?

The first thing to note, is to make sure you shake! perk up dry shampoo is filled with hair-loving ingredients like natural rice starch and nutrient-rich sea buckthorn, so give your can a shake to ensure it’s all mixed together! next, spray the can 8 inches away from your scalp (p.s. our jumbo perk up dry shampoo can is about 8 inches long, so it can be used as a great indicator!). When it comes to applying perk up dry shampoo, we recommend sectioning your hair, and spraying in a sweeping motion. Wait 30 seconds, then massage or brush through! No white residue will be left behind, so brunettes and those with darker hair can rest easy.

how can I get more volume when I use it?

One of our favorite tips here at amika is to spray perk up dry shampoo onto clean hair before bed. After applying it, we recommend putting hair in a loose bun or braid. You’ll wake up with fresh, zhooshed up hair!

how often should I use dry shampoo?

We recommend washing hair about twice a week to avoid drying out your mane. That means perk up dry shampoo can be used in between those wash days to help absorb oil and reduce odor. When it’s time for a good wash, we recommend using reset cleansing oil, an oil-to-foam pre-wash that breaks down buildup and refreshes the scalp (P.S. this product isn’t suitable for color-treated hair!).

If you have any other questions about perk up dry shampoo, feel free to leave a comment below!

posted: 03/13/2022last modified: 03/13/2022