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amika: a friend to the planet
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Becca King
Community Manager

    amika means friend, and this guides everything we do. It means we are not only a friend to all hair, but we're also making efforts to be a better friend to the planet. we were kind and clean before it was a thing, and we're always striving to go cleaner and greener. our products are filled with super stuff only and free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and over 1300+ ingredients banned by the EU.

    As mentioned, going greener is one of the top initiatives on our minds. As consumers ourselves, we have grown more aware of our own impact on the environment. It's our responsibility to make more sustainable choices for the future and to meet the growing interest of our customers to make more conscious decisions.

    We first turned our attention to reducing plastic waste by addressing recyclability and reducing our use of virgin plastic. in 2020, we launched a partnership with TerraCycle® to ensure all our plastic packaging can be 100% recycled and that your empties are given a new purpose. (fun fact: amika products are mostly turned into outdoor composite-lumber based products like playgrounds + community garden beds! 🌼) This year, we’re re-working our plastic bottles to incorporate 60-90% post-consumer recycled plastics. Click here to learn more about our recycling program and how you can get involved.

    We’ve addressed sustainability when it comes to our ingredients and now source our hero ingredient, sea buckthorn, from an organic, sustainable, and fair-trade farm in Tibet. Sea buckthorn is utilized in every amika product for its potent source of amino-acids and antioxidants, so this switch will impact every product we produce. Want to learn more about our star ingredient? Click here.

    amika is also a friend to animals! We have always been cruelty-free, and our brand is leaping bunny certified. This means our products and raw ingredients have been verified to be free from any animal testing

    Our plans don’t stop here - we’ve outlined our commitment below to continuously reduce our environmental impact. We know we’re in the business of consumption, but we believe we can take the necessary steps together to move towards conscious consumption.

    2020 sustainability goals: launched terracycle partnership to ensure recyclability of our bottles and began sustainably and fair trade sourcing our hero ingredient, sea buckthorn.
    2021 sustainability goals: transition all plastic packaging to 60-90% pcr plastics, all products made with sustainable sea buckthorn, and fully vegan certified.
    2022 sustainability goals: launch refillables and transition all other packaging and merchandise to be made from recycled materials and/or recyclable.
    2023 sustainability goals: achieve b-corp certification, launch zero-waste or sustainable innovations, and off-set carbon emissions
    posted: 04/22/2021last modified: 04/22/2021