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guide to protecting everything from the summer sun

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Wendy Sy
Community Manager

Ahh…summer. There are endless pros to the warm weather season (hello beach days and sundresses!), but on the flip side, there are some cons, too. Increased sun exposure can lead to health concerns aplenty. On the bright side (no pun intended), there are some key steps you can take to protect everything including your scalp, hair, face, body, and lips from the super hot star at the center of the solar system.

    It all starts at the scalp

    Often forgotten about, the scalp also needs some TLC. Even though it may be covered by your hair, being out and about on a sunny day can potentially cause issues to flare up. The solution? Easy. Throw on a hat for the quickest way to stay protected. You can have fun with it and make the accessory the focal point of your outfit. Spring for a floppy straw style or go old-school with the best hats of fashion history: yep, we’re talking about bucket hats. Other quick fixes: wear a headscarf and cat-eye sunnies combo for a retro look or use an umbrella as the ultimate sun shield. Also, apply a product such as Supergoop! Poof 100% Mineral Part and Scalp Powder SPF 45 before heading out the door.

    Stick to a healthy hair routine

    Truth is, UVA rays can impact hair color changes while UVB rays can cause protein loss to strands. The harmful effects of the sun may even contribute to potential hair loss. To keep your hair in tip-top healthy shape, try the amika vault color-lock leave-in conditioner. Just spray it throughout clean damp or dry hair to detangle, soften and provide sun protection. It’s proven to preserve natural and synthetic color and beat fading. Plus, it strengthens and smooths your hair cuticle thanks to a powerful amino acid complex. Brush the product throughout your hair, style and you’re all set. To boost the benefit of the leave-in conditioner, use it with our vault color-lock shampoo and conditioner.

    SPF, SPF, SPF for the face

    The sun can cause wrinkles, sunburns, and in serious cases, precancerous and cancerous lesions. To avoid the scary thought, don’t forget to apply a daily dose of SPF. When it comes to the face, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends a safe sunscreen with zinc oxide, an effective active ingredient against harmful UVA rays. We wholeheartedly think that one of the best sunscreens out there is the EltaMD Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46. Choose between tinted or untinted—both options are made for sensitive skin types prone to acne, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation. Wear it alone or with makeup (try the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder) as part of your skincare routine.

    And then, more SPF for the body

    If possible, try to limit your time in the sun during its peak hours, which are 10am-4pm in North America. Another thing to keep in mind: the sun’s not-so-friendly UV rays can bounce back from sand and water, so beachgoers, beware and be careful. Even during cloudy days, the sun can still cause damaging effects which can be invisible to the naked eye. And if you have a tattoo (, all the more reason to cover up to prevent your inked artwork from fading. Among the best sunscreens for the body that we can’t get enough of is Eucerin’s Sun Spray Transparent Dry Touch Sensitive Protect SPF 50, which comes in an aerosol bottle and couldn’t be easier to apply.

    Last but not least…the lips

    Lips have thinner skin and almost no melanin (the natural sun protectant and chemical that gives color to our skin, hair, and eyes), so it’s ultra-important to take care of them as well. To give ‘em a layer of sun protection, add a product such as Sol de Janiero My Sol Stick SPF 50 to your skincare routine. Made with cupuaçu butter, açaí oil, and coconut oil, this one-in-all does wonders for lips and it can be used for your nose and hands. Don’t forget to pack it to the beach—or anywhere, really!

    By Wendy Sy, The Strand Contributor

    posted: 07/17/2019last modified: 07/17/2019