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our 2024 sustainability + social responsibility report is in!

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Jacqueline Aldana
Community Manager

let’s be honest…when it comes to the environment, the beauty industry can be an ugly place. we took a hard look at the stats and knew it was our duty to own our values (+ our impact!) and take action to flip industry standards on their head. together, we set some ambitious goals and spoiler alert: we totally crushed them! although our promise to the planet is ongoing, we think it’s important to share and celebrate the wins along the way. read on to learn about our social initiatives and sustainability journey, including where we’ve been, where we are now, and where we want to go.

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2023 corporate social responsibility + sustainability report

“amika is on a mission to be a friend to hair, hairstylists, the planet and our communities. this promise guides our daily decisions, and we are committed to progressing the beauty industry to have a positive impact on people and the planet. we’ve been on quite the journey, and it’s all thanks to the amazing work of our team and our unwavering commitment to our values.” - amika CEO, Chelsea Riggs

those values? they’re the same ones you embody in your truest friendships: ownership, supportiveness, and transparency. we take ownership of our environmental impact and that’s why we evaluate *everything* from our shipping regulations to how ingredients are sourced. we’re supportive of our team (we’re great place to work certified!) and our community–giving back at least 1% of profits to increase equity in the beauty industry. we communicate transparently, sharing both our wins and challenges to foster a friendship built on honesty.

in the spirit of transparency, we’re proud to share the 2024 amika corporate social responsibility + sustainability report, an in-depth look at the hard workwe’re putting in to build a more sustainable business that’s all about making a positive impact in the world.

big wins


as of March 2023 (a year earlier than our initial goal!), amika is officially B-Corp certified. this certification recognizes that we adhere to a sky-high set of social and environmental standards across 5 key areas of business: governance, workers, community, customers, and the environment (more details on those here). the principles behind B-Corp are not only integrated throughout the entirety of our business, they’re part of the amika DNA!

here’s what our CEO had to say about this pivotal achievement: by joining the B-Corp movement, we not only affirm our authenticity as a responsible business but also champion the notion that profitability and social responsibility can harmoniously coexist within the business ecosystem. it’s all about creating a win-win for everyone–our suppliers, farmers, customers, employees, and the communities we serve.

Sephora Planet Positive

our sustainability mission was met with serious recognition last year when we qualified for Sephora’s Planet Positive seal. to make the cut, we had to meet a range of criteria focusing on four primary pillars:

  • climate commitment: we achieved this by offsetting our carbon emissions, certifying amika as climate neutral.
  • sustainable sourcing practices: we’re proudly cruelty-free and use sustainably sourced ingredients, like mica and sea buckthorn.
  • responsible packaging: in addition to using up to 90% post-consumer recycled plastic, we've partnered with TerraCycle®️ to create a free recycling program for all our packaging
  • environmental giving: we’re the only B-corp certified haircare brand at Sephora!

CEW beauty award

each year, eco-conscious beauty brands vie to win CEW’s highly coveted sustainability excellence award recognizing “best practices and progress towards the goal of sustainability.” the contenders were vetted based on four science-based principles and how they were integrated through the entire product lifecycle (sustainable from start to finish!). the recipient of the award in 2023? yours truly!

everything from amika packaging to our ingredients–really the entire conception of our products–is carefully considered with sustainability at the helm. we are thrilled to have this meaningful, ethical work acknowledged in such a special way.

looking ahead

although amika has seen nearly 80% growth (thanks to loyal friends like you!) we’ve successfully reduced our carbon footprint. but, that doesn’t mean the work is done; our goals grow and evolve along with our business. as we fulfill each and every promise, we’re motivated to aim higher, think bigger, and pursue better. learn what we’re setting our sights on in the 2024 corporate social responsibility + sustainability report.

thank you for holding us accountable and joining us on this incredible journey!

posted: 05/14/2024last modified: 05/14/2024