3 unexpected wonders of nice cream

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Becca King
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Sure, the name may sound sweet and rhyme with our favorite frozen dessert, but amika nice cream cleansing conditioner is more than meets the eye. We’ve formulated the product to, yep, cleanse hair all while keeping it soft and strong (more deets coming right up).

Recently, we caught up with a couple of content creators to talk about all things nice cream and all the feels that come with…initial thoughts, surprises, and everything in-between. Without further ado, read on for three unexpected wonders of the unique formula in the printed blue tube.

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    1. It’s a one-step kind of product (yet it still works well with shampoo, if you so desire)

    The directions for the no-lather co-wash is as simple as can be: wet hair and massage from roots to ends. Rinse thoroughly and voilà, you’re all set. Of course, you can use it with other products as well, such as the reset exfoliating jelly shampoo and the soulfood nourishing mask. “I co-wash with nice cream two to three times a week, in between my full-on weekly wash routine,” says Tiffany Shannon of on Instagram. “It smells so good and makes any hairstyle I choose to wear more hydrated, smoother, softer and manageable. My entire household loves it and we can finish a tube in four weeks or so.”

    2. It holds the power to soften and strengthen

    One of the key ingredients of nice cream is grape seed oil, which is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Oh, it has UV filters, too! There’s also oat peptide, which acts as a guardian angel to your hair—it helps form a protective barrier to lock in moisture and boost shine. Soybean protein includes plenty of essential amino acids to really strengthen hair. And let’s not forget about our signature ingredient: sea buckthorn berry. It’s known as a “miracle plant” loaded with 15 times more vitamin C than an orange and three times more vitamin A than a carrot.

    “It's really hard to find a shampoo that cleanses but doesn’t strip my hair, and a conditioner that doesn't make my hair too silky,” says Martina Hernandez of @first_fig. “You know what I mean damaged hair ladies: when your hair is so conditioned and cleaned that it becomes so soft, making it fragile and frizzy. I wasn't sure if nice cream would even work for my hair.” She continues, “Will it be too harsh? Will it really cleanse? Will it make my hair too soft? And here we are, a few months after trying it and now I exclusively use it in the shower followed by the supernova moisture + shine cream on wet, towel-dried hair to lock in moisture.”

    3. It works on a variety of hair types

    Nice cream is made for waves, curls and kinks—or, really, anyone with medium to thick hair who is in search of a gentle cleanse. “After years of color treatment, from red, brown, blonde and everything in-between, in addition to 14 years of being on a swim team (aka so much chlorine), I have very brittle, damaged hair,” says Hernandez, who looks to the formula as a cleanse and repair solution. The beauty is in its versatility. Nice cream fits a range of hair types: from normal, damaged, processed, lowlights, highlights, to super dry. “Proper hair care is just as important as taking care of my skin. And just like my skin, my hair is subjected to a lot of pollutants, dirt and chemicals. I always try to maintain a healthy hair routine whether I am wearing my natural hair, a weave, wig or braids,” says Shannon. “For me, my hair is an ultimate form of my expression and uniqueness. So, when it’s on point, I can't help but feel on point.

    posted: 09/25/2019last modified: 09/25/2019