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12 halloween hairstyles for last-minute looks

12 halloween hairstyles
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Jacqueline Aldana
Community Manager

If you’re looking for spooky inspiration, look no further than your beauty shelf: a cute hairstyle is all you need to make a major impact this Halloween (procrastinators, rejoice!). We rounded up our Brand Ambassadors for a challenge: Create a costume + an easy-to-recreate style using amika haircare you already, right?! Read on to see the looks they came up + prepare to be wowed—these creators are truly talented!

the princess of genovia

princess halloween look

the creator: @skincaremich (she/her)

michelle’s inspiration: Mia Thermopolis from the Princess Diaries

what she used:

+ headphones, Y2K sunglasses, and a tiara of course!

a kitty cat (with braided ears!)

cat halloween look

the creator: @itzz.manda (she/her)

jomanda’s inspiration: a cat

what she used:

+ bobby pins to secure braids in the shape of an ear!

a witch that’s both gothic + glam

witch halloween look

the creator: @ddlarjmakeup (she/her)

dayana’s inspiration: a witch

what she used:

+ a gilded (and feathered!) witch hat

a ‘70s-inspired superfruit

high tide beachwaver

the creator: @weirdskin_ (she/her)

alida’s inspiration: a groovy cherry

what she used:

+ retro glasses and a pair of juicy, cherry-shaped earrings!

a cyberpunk hacker

perk up plus dry shampoo and the wizard detangling primer

the creator: @_iamsimplyk (she/her)

kristian’s inspiration: The Matrix

what she used:

+ a leather jacket and a futuristic pair of shades!

a (sun)flower child

perk up dry shampoo and hydro rush intense moisture leave-in conditioner

the creator: @lazybeautycare (she/her)

dayna’s inspiration: a hippie

what she used:

+ a DIY-able braided headband with mini sunflowers!

an under-the-sea icon

mermaid halloween look

the creator: @jocelynfelix (she/her)

jocelyn’s inspiration: Ariel of The Little Mermaid

what she used:

+ starfish clips and pearls (pro tip: stick these on with lash glue for easy, strand-safe removal)

a spicy (+ scary!) popstar

hydro rush intense moisture leave-in conditioner and water sign hydrating hair oil

the creator: @skinl0ve (she/her)

jasmine’s inspiration: Mel B of the Spice Girls

what she used:

+ a leopard tank—only if you really, really, really wannabe on point!

a #fantasycore fairy

glass action hydrating hair oil

the creator: @the_glowgarden (she/her)

sara’s inspiration: a fairy

what she used:

+ a pair of pop-on pointed elf ears!

a “dirrty” era diva

un.done volume and matte texture spray and on lock high hold hair wax

the creator: @therollerskatingesthetician (she/her)

jordyn’s inspiration: Christina Aguilera

what she used:

+ a couple of Y2K-esque micro braids!

a style for the soda pop shoppe

the shield anti-humidity spray and fluxus touchable, flexible hold hairspray

the creator: @lyfestilebeautyandskin (she/her)

felice’s inspiration: 1950’s updos

what she used:

+ timeless cat-eye liner!

posted: 10/16/2023last modified: 10/16/2023