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how to reuse our sustainable holiday sets

When we created our holiday sets for 2019, it was really important to us to think about the packaging and its potential impact. A main goal of ours has been to set forth a “green” state of mind. This means taking the environmental impact of our products into consideration whenever we create or change something.

This year, our holiday sets are inspired by old sardine cans, which fits with our idea of incorporating the best parts of the holidays; food and family. You open up these sets by sliding off the top part of the container, similar to opening a sardine can. When our team was conceptualizing these kits, we realized that not only are these tins super different and cool, but they can also be re-used!

We wanted to show you all of the different ways that you could use these holiday tins, but instead, we’re leaving it up to our amazing customers to show you three different ways you could potentially reuse a tin you received from a friend. Additionally, if you are thinking of gifting one of these tins to someone you love, let them also know that they can keep the party going by upcycling!


Take a note from @shaybenzhair who took her concrete jungle set and made an itty bitty garden! For those of you who are plant obsessed, this is the perfect challenge to put your green thumb to the test. And if you aren’t so plant-savvy, consider heading to your nearest craft store to get the fake stuff. Not only is this mini-garden super cute and pleasing to look at, it could also help with air quality in your salon/room, depending on what plants you put in there. May we suggest a snake plant or spider plant?!

salon storage

Our friend @beautybysarahward kept her concrete jungle set and is using it right in the salon! She’s using our holiday tins to store sanitized tools of the trade such as combs, scissors, elastics, etc. Use one color for dirty tools, and another color for clean tools. This way, you’ll never have to second guess if something is ready to go! Sarah’s tins even fit nice and tightly in her station drawers. A dream!

first aid kit

I don’t know about you, but a lot of our team members have admitted they don’t even have a first aid kit. For me personally (Becca), my first aid kit consists of some loose band-aids underneath my bathroom sink. Let’s just say I will definitely be looking to @rissrawr for some inspo when it comes to getting my kit together. Marissa is using her monkey makers set as a car emergency/first aid kit. If you own a car, this is the perfect place to store small essentials that could end up anywhere. If you aren’t a driver (us NYC folk), use a tin to store all first aid essentials into one place; such as band-aids, Neosporin, etc. The next time you get a paper cut or accidentally cut yourself while cooking and are scrambling to find a band-aid, you will be thanking us!

Now that we gave you some thought starters, we'd love to see what you come up with! Post with #amikarecycles on Instagram so we can see how you've re-used your tin!

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