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spray your way to help HairToStay

To celebrate another year of partnership with HairToStay, our bestselling the wizard silicone-free detangling primer is now available in NEW limited-edition packaging. For every bottle purchased, $1 will be donated to HairToStay. Keep reading to learn more about its magic on a mission.

what is the wizard silicone-free detangling primer?

Allow us to re-introduce (or introduce) you to the wizard silicone-free detangling primer. Infused with sea buckthorn and squalane, this silicone-free priming spray cuts down on blow dry time, protects against 450° F heat, and detangles all hair types. Just evenly mist throughout damp hair before detangling and blow drying, or mist through damp hair then style as usual…it’s like magic!

what is HairToStay and what do they do?

Have you ever heard of scalp cooling technology? This treatment can dramatically reduce chemotherapy-induced hair loss. Scalp cooling treatment can help maintain a sense of normalcy and privacy in a patient’s life, and helps alleviate the emotional damage that hair loss can often cause.   

This technology currently isn’t covered by most insurance providers, making it inaccessible for many people—this is where HairToStay comes in. It is the only national nonprofit organization committed to raising awareness and financial aid for scalp cooling technology, and was granted FDA Clearance in 2015.   

So... how does it work? Glad you asked. By using a scalp cooling system during chemotherapy treatments, hair loss can be prevented by impacting two cellular processes. Scalp cooling works by constricting the blood vessels in the hair follicles, thereby exposing them to less of the chemotherapy medication that often results in total hair loss. Additionally, chemotherapy’s effects on the hair follicle are reduced due to the slowing of the cellular metabolism.   

how can friends of amika get involved?

There are a few ways to participate:    

Purchase aHairToStaylimited edition the wizard silicone-free detangling primer, and $1 from every bottle will go directly to HairToStay. Snap a picture of your purchase and share on social media to spread awareness.    

If you’re a salon owner or stylist, you can host a salon-a-thon, donate a percentage of every service to HairToStay, raise awareness through social media, blog about the cause, or make a fundraising page via HairToStay.  

Visit learn more about HairToStay and stay up to date with all upcoming events and fundraisers. 

Have any questions? Reach out to us on social or leave a comment below!  

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