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salon spotlight: London Victoria’s

As a salon-raised brand, amika wouldn’t be anywhere without our salons or stylists. So today, we decided to spotlight one of our stylists, Caroline Worden. Along with her mother and sister, she owns a sustainably-run salon called London Victoria’s (which just celebrated its 30th birthday in November!). Keep reading to hear more from Caroline about confidence, curiosity, and consultations.

what is the name and location of your salon?

"London Victoria’s located in Buffalo, New York."

how long have you worked in the hair industry?

"My entire life! I have never had another job. I’ve been assisting at London Victoria’s since I was 15. At 18, I became licensed and my mother, London, has been doing hair for over 30 years. Our salon just turned 30 on November 25, 2021!"

what advice would you give people who aspire to break into the hair industry?

"It’s a wonderful career to express yourself and to share beauty with the world. My advice is to be confident in yourself. Your confidence will radiate through your passion to create the perfect hair for your client.

And never be afraid to ask questions! When you ask questions, it shows you want to learn and create the best hair you can! Being aware that there is always something you can learn from others in the salon is also incredibly helpful. Constructive criticism is meant to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions."

what is your process like when working with clients to express themselves?

"Consultation is key! I always ask my clients how they like their hair or if they’d like to see something different. I love creating unique colors and technically sound cuts help express the attitude my clients are trying to portray. Sharing creative ideas with my clients and being open to feedback on what they like and dislike is very important--establishing trust between us and showing them that I really do listen and I want them to love their hair."

what has been the biggest lesson you've learned, whether that be from clients, while working in salon or backstage, or through your own hair journey?

"I think the most important lesson I’ve learned is, you’re not for everyone and that’s OK! Some people might not enjoy the ambiance and atmosphere you try to give off; however, the clients that do will be clients forever. I learned that clients are your biggest hype people just as you are theirs. I feel my authentic self has attracted the clientele that supports me and wants me to succeed. It makes it easy to love my job."

what is it like working with your mom and your sister?

"I really love working with my mom and sister. We have a really wonderful relationship, with a salon that is comforting and supportive. We are always communicating and looking to each other for advice and we acknowledge each other’s talents."

what made you want to have a sustainable salon?

"Once I became educated on all of the waste salons produce, I had a hard time not feeling guilty. It’s really empowering to be able to treat yourself with a visit to the salon knowing that your beauty waste isn’t harming the earth. It was my idea to join Greencircles Salon in 2020 before the pandemic and a small donation bin at the salon helped us ship 90% of our waste to be repurposed. I called it London Victoria’s Waste Free Movement. My clients, family, and fellow stylists have been so supportive. It is a win-win for everyone! My clients feel like their hair appointment is special and more meaningfuI. It gives me another purpose in this industry that makes my career more enjoyable."

how has the Terracycle® program helped you, and what do you like about it?

"The Terracycle® program is great because it makes it easier to be sustainable. All the amika retail sold usually comes back to me empty, getting the clients involved with our waste free movement. I keep track of who brings back empties and I give them little samples and goodies for helping us recycle the bottles. It’s also less waste for me to ship in my green circle boxes, which I fill close to the point of rupture every other month."

what are your long-time goals for your salon?

"London Victoria’s is a rental space. I would love to buy my own building for a larger salon to create more opportunities. London (my mother) is a certified yoga instructor and I think it would be really amazing to have a building big enough to add a yoga studio. I also would love to have a room dedicated to our waste-free movement. A long-term goal is to have a salon big enough to host hair classes and recycling classes for other salons to get involved."

Keep up with Caroline here!

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