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positive news stories from friends of amika to brighten your day

It’s more evident than ever that checking in on yourself and your mental health is so important, as well as the well-being of your loved ones. Here at amika, we’ve had a lot of conversations around the rollercoaster of emotions that social distancing is bringing up.

One way we’ve conquered these scary feelings is making sure to still give thanks and appreciate the good things that still continue to happen, even if it may seem like a small win. In an effort to brighten up your day and make you smile just a little bit; we’re sharing some positive stories from some friends of amika who are still finding joy in the little things.

Lizzie S.

"I brought home my pup right as this was all starting and if I didn't have him home with me I think I would have gone crazy. I have been able to teach him so much in this past month & a half. My husband works in the healthcare industry so that has been tough being home alone all day with a puppy & trying to work from home. But Obi definitely sparks joy!"

Savannah W.

"I’ve been an ER nurse almost 7 years. This has been the strangest time of my career. But, we have been blessed by the community with so much love and support. People have been donating food and desserts nearly everyday it seems. And people’s families or church groups have been making us beautiful crochet “ear savers,” so the elastic of the mask doesn’t rub our ears. I just love the positivity and knowing people are there for us, as we are for them in each other’s time of need. Also, unrelated, but my apartment complex has a patio decorating contest. So I’ve had fun decorating my patio!"

Samantha B.

"I've been working through some projects on my house - mostly painting. We've had fun using apps like Houseparty to connect with our family and friends and that's brought so much joy to me! I turned 30 a few weeks ago and my girlfriends and I did a google hangouts and they sent treats through GrubhHub. I just loved the special touches during this weird time to help make things a little more normal. I also have been living for John Krasinski's Some Good News show - I cry every week from how sweet it is."

Jessica K.

"I’ve still been working since I’m a pediatric occupational therapist at a children’s hospital, but a few weeks ago, I started challenging myself, family, friends, and coworkers to a daily ‘bold lip movement’ activity. This is about finding one thing a day that makes you feel strong, powerful, and grounded. For me, I wore a Taylor swift red lip to the grocery store (pre mask days) and I felt awesome. Even though that was the only time I got to showcase my ‘lip’. It’s been amazing to see how that one small thing a day for each person can be so uplifting!"

Colby G.

"Days from closing on my dream home, the city I’m buying in shut down putting the sale on hold. I had already sold my bedroom set (hello mattress on the floor living!) and was in the process of selling my other furniture/wall decor when it all came to a halt.
I’m working from home and live alone, so nights were tough and isolating. I decided to come up with unique ways to turn my rustic decor into modern pieces to keep me looking positively toward the future. Each one I’ve finished is like a little accomplishment that I can’t wait to show off in the new place. It will be so cool to have a one-of-a-kind home designed by me!
Side note: you do NOT have to be productive during a pandemic so do not beat yourself up if you’re just laying low. Be kind to yourself!! My anxiety is best served through action; do what’s best for YOU.

We hope you are taking care of yourself, your mental health, and your loved ones around you. Remember to check in with people that you may know that are having a rough time. Just saying hi or sharing a silly anecdote could really make their day.

By Becca King, community manager

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