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celebrate national hairdresser's day: how to have an effective virtual consultation with your stylist

We think it's clear to everyone now that stylists and hairdressers are super important people in the lives of those they style. People are asking for stylists to come to their houses on the DL, at-home hair dye is flying off the shelves, and people are trying to cut their own hair!

Before you attempt anything you've seen on Instagram or read about in an article, try to schedule a virtual consultation with your stylist. One of our pro educators, Katelyn McGinn, is going to explain how to get the most out of a virtual consultation with your stylist so you can feel like your normal self, even if nothing else seems normal right now. Keep reading for Katelyn's tips!

"Now is the perfect time to connect with your stylist by having a virtual consultation. Your stylist knows your hair and knows the best steps for you to achieve that natural look! We will walk you through what products to use, how to wash your hair, and all the tips and tricks you’ll need.

types of consults you can have

  • ow to start wearing your hair natural
  • new color and/or haircut consult
  • how to hide split ends
  • new style tutorial just for you
  • one on one braiding class

have inspo photos ready

This is suuuuper important when trying to convey your idea and vision for your look to your stylist. A visual image is going to make the consult a lot easier. If you're not sure what you're really going for, you and your stylist can talk about that together!

wear hair in its' natural state

This is also a crucial step if you aren't sure exactly what style you want to go for. Having your hair in its natural state will help the stylist figure out what styles/haircuts are best for your lifestyle and hair type! If you do have a vision in mind, this will just help your stylist understand what products need to be used to achieve the desired look! To clarify, your hair should be clean, dry hair, and down.

set up in a well lit room with natural light

If you're having any sort of color consult, having natural light will help your stylist in figuring out your true color right now.

have some supplies ready

If you can, make sure to have some styling necessities close by. This includes clips, combs, bobby pins and elastics. Less time time will be wasted, and you can get the most out of your consultation time!"

Make sure to show your stylist some extra love today. We actually have a whole list of things you can do to support your stylist during social distancing, so click here if you want to find out more!

If you have a stylist friend that is looking for a source if income right now, tell them about our stylist affiliate program! All stylists make a commission on each sale directed to Click here for our sign up page!

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