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Naeemah LaFond: what’s in my New York Fashion Week hair kit?

As New York Fashion Week comes to a close, we’re taking the time to bask in all the amazing looks that have graced the runways. There were many noteworthy looks this year, but we’d like to give a special (and maybe a bit biased) shout out to the Sergio Hudson show. Our very own Global Artistic Director, Naeemah LaFond styled the models’ hair into stunning sleek, voluminous ponytails and we’re spilling all the tea on how she did it.

So without further ado, let’s go backstage with Naeemah and find out what’s in her kit, and how she achieved this iconic hair look.

get the look – sleek and voluminous ponytail

  1. Create a clean deep side part.
  2. Scrape hair back into a ponytail. If you have a lot of hair do an inner pony as well. The products used to slick the hair back will depend on hair type. Naeemah added in hair extensions depending on hair type and color on the models, but this is totally optional at home. The specific technique used to attach will depend on the type of hair extension as well as the length of your hair.
  3. Use the smallest barrel curler in the chameleon kit to curl the hair in alternating directions.
  4. Brush curls out with paddle brush row by row starting at the bottom. Set each section with headstrong intense hold hairspray.
  5. If you applied extensions and they are synthetic, skip the curling and just spray with un.done volume and matte texture spray throughout prior to brushing out and spraying with headstrong intense hold hairspray.
  6. Finish with top gloss shine spray only on the sleek portion of the pony.
  7. Add gold hair wire to the base of pony (must be around 4 inches in length).

what’s in Naeemah LaFond’s New York Fashion Week kit:

We don’t know about you, but we’re always curious as to what stylists keep in their kits for something as quintessential as New York Fashion Week. Keep reading to find out what’s in Naeemah’s kit!

  1. "Wrapping Paper: there’s no doing a sleek ponytail without wrapping paper (especially on textured hair). It helps to set the hair so that it can stay in place all day."
  2. "Bungees: long haired ponytails can be a struggle to secure with just a ponytail holder. Using a bungee allows you to have control over the tightness of the ponytail without disrupting the length of the hair."
  3. "Mini tail comb: it’s all about the details with any look. With this comb, I can get into the tiniest crevasses to make any adjustments."
  4. "Edge brush: I have several sizes of these because not all edges are created equal. You need different edge brushes for different styles. While some require more of a small base for details, others need a more substantial base so that you can have control of more hair at one time."
  5. "White v-flat: you would usually find larger versions of this on a photoshoot set for balancing light, but I love to keep a small v-flat in my kit to make sure I can more easily see the shape and silhouette of hair in the mirror. You should place it behind your models’ heads and essentially use it as a backdrop."
  6. "un.done volume and matte texture spray: perfect for making extensions look more natural and lived-in. It’s even great for synthetic extensions--takes out that intense shine that makes the hair look super unrealistic."
  7. "headstrong intense hold hairspray: I never do a show without headstrong. It’s a freeze hold spray, yet it breaks down very easily with the stroke of a brush. That’s exactly the kind of spray I need to work with in the midst of the backstage madness. I can get the job done quickly but I still have room to go back and make some changes."
  8. "top gloss shine spray: I use this often for shoots and fashion shows because it gives the hair a very healthy glow. The last thing I need is a shine spray that is going to make everything look greasy. A good shine spray can be your final touch and a bad shine spray can ruin everything."
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Are you inspired to recreate this look from home? Let us know in the comments.

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