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meet the team: how our influencer coordinator uses her hair as form of self-expression

We’re amika;a friend to all. We're a collective of curious creatives, salon bred stylists, chemists, and product enthusiasts who want to share our love of haircare with every one of you beautiful beings!  

One of our most beloved communities starts within our own brand; our employees! This collective encompasses so many different types of people, passions, and personalities.

In this series, we get deep with our amika family to learn about their relationship with their hair, how it relates to their identity, and more.

introduce yourself!

"Hi! My name is Nina Haines; Im the Influencer Coordinator here at amika, and I have been for the past year and a half."

how would you describe your relationship with your hair?

"My relationship with my hair is a constant learning experience and form of self-expression, which is a nice way to say that I’ve dyed my hair after every single breakup I’ve had."

do you feel that your hair is part of your identity?

"I don’t think that my hair is a part of my identity as much as it’s a part of my performance of gender and sexuality. I’m definitely rocking the bi-sexual bob. If you couldn’t tell, I am not straight (points to the rainbow decal on her wall)."

what is your favorite thing about your hair?

"My favorite thing about my hair is how low maintenance it is. I’m not platinum blonde anymore, so I can definitely wash it once a week and let it air dry. And really, that’s about as much as I do to it. I don’t even own a blow dryer."

what is your usual hair routine?

"My hair is currently this auburn color thanks to Overtone conditioner, so to preserve that color, I usually only wash once a week and use a LOT of perk up dry shampoo in between."

what are you favorite amika products?

"My top 3 amika must-haves are flash instant shine mask, normcore signature shampoo, and perk up dry shampoo. These are definitely oily-haired girl essentials."

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Sold out
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are there any new hair rituals, tricks, or styles you’ve been trying?

"My hair without any product in it is really really stick straight, so after I get out of the shower, I will cocktail supernova moisture and shine cream with Bushwick beach no-salt wave spray in my hands. I’ll take this cocktail and scrunch it up so I end up with this nice air-dried wave."

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Bushwick beach no-salt wave spray | amika
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We love having thought provoking dialogue with our amika fam + friends. If you want to be part of the conversation, don’t be afraid to reach out. For the chance to be featured on The Strand and be part of our ever-growing community of friends, click here and tell us a little bit about your relationship with your hair. 

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