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halloween hair looks: amika edition

It’s late October which only means one thing: Halloween costume countdown is upon us. As excited as we are to make up for last year’s festivities (safely, of course), it also means we need to think of a spooky-chic look for the evening. Now, we can’t really be much help costume-wise, but we all know its about the details (details like…hair) that really brings the wow factor. That’s where we come in with our serious Halloween hair inspo!

look 1: the mesmerizing mermaid

Follow these steps to achieve a mermaid-esque mane.

content by: kymberberry

  1. Apply the closer instant repair cream from mid-lengths to ends.
  2. Use the high tide deep waver to create beautiful beach waves.
  3. Spray un.done volume and matte texture spray throughout strands to add beachy texture.
  4. Finish off look with a headband (bonus points if yours is pearl-studded too).
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look 2: the retro roller-skater

Dig into our blowout buffet holiday giftset to create this retro roller-skater hair look!

content by: rollerskatingesthetician

  1. Spritz the wizard detangling primer evenly into damp hair.
  2. Section hair + grab your hair blow dryer brush.
  3. In small sections, start at the base to lift + dry roots.
  4. Roll brush in for soft curl + flip ends outward.
  5. For classic ‘70’s curtain bangs, pull hair to front, roll forward then flip back over crown of head.
  6. Spray perk up dry shampoo to roots for a volume boost.
blowout buffet blow dryer brush + styling set | amika
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the wizard | detangling primer | amika
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hair blow dryer brush | amika
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perk up | dry shampoo
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What are you being for Halloween this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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