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hair diaries ambassador edition: how Xavier has come to love his natural wave

Our communities are a driving force behind everything that we do. amika does mean “friend” in the language Esperanto, don’t forget! We love to have deep and meaningful conversations with each and every one of you to learn what your hair means to you and how it fits into your identity.

We recently sat down with some of our ambassadors to talk about their hair, identity, and their experience with amika.

introduce yourself!

Hi everyone! My name is Xavier, also known as @theboyinblush on Instagram.

how long have you been a friend of amika?

I have been a friend of amika for quite some time. What I’ve always appreciated about amika is that they create such a large range of products that fit so many different hair types and textures.

how would you describe your relationship with your hair?

My relationship with my hair has definitely been like a rollercoaster ride. When I was younger, I allowed societal norms and beauty standards to really dictate how I felt about my hair and the confidence I had within myself. Transitioning into my early adulthood, I really learned to embrace my natural hair’s texture.

do you feel that your hair is part of your identity?

I do. I feel like my hair is definitely part of my identity because depending on how I feel, that dictates how I style my hair. My identity is just to have fun with my hair.

what is your usual hair routine?

My hair routine definitely changes quite often, but there are specific things that I stick with throughout time. Especially like amika’s soulfood nourishing mask. This is a product that I use on a weekly basis to maintain really healthy hair, but my hair routine is very simple. I don’t wash it every day, however I do condition every day. These days I’ve been using the signature collection from amika. After I get out of the shower, I always use a lightweight product to add shape and hold to my hair, which is often the first base moisturizing styling cream. This just gives the perfect amount of shape and holds my hair so that I can let it air dry. What I like to do, and I actually did this today, is to push up my hair where I want volume and then spray it with un.done volume and matte texture spray so that way there's a little bit more volume.

Sold out
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any new hairstyles you’ve been trying lately?

I’ve been watching a lot of Korean hair stylists lately on YouTube and watching how they style their client’s hair. I’m very inspired by K-pop idols’ hairstyles. People from BTS have pretty amazing hairstyles, so I really like to play off of that.

Have something to say about your hair journey or relationship with your hair? Click here to be featured on The Strand in upcoming articles!

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