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amika + City of Hope join forces!

amika has always believed in the power of community and the beauty of giving back. We make it a priority to lend a helping hand to causes near and dear to our hearts, which is why we’ve teamed up with City of Hope’s #GivingisBeautiful fundraising Campaign. Keep reading to learn more about City of Hope, our partnership, and how you can join us in the fight against cancer on November 30th!

about City of Hope

City of Hope is a National Cancer Center and a founding member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, making it a national leader in advancing research and treatment protocols. So, basically, City of Hope rocks. Their clinicians are highly specialized with deep expertise within cancer types (ranging from common to rare) and offer access to the latest advances in cancer care through hundreds of clinical trials. They also strive to reduce and ultimately, put an end to inequities in cancer outcomes by facilitating the translation of scientific knowledge into community practice.

Not only that, but they were the first to bring psychosocial support services under one umbrella to help patients and their families navigate the many challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis. Challenges like the fact that cancer is, to put it bluntly, expensive. That’s where we come in.

our partnership

We’ve teamed up with City of Hope and fellow beauty and wellness brands for a first-of-its-kind industry wide digital fundraiser happening on November 30th (aka. the National Day of Giving!). Leading the charge are Chelsea Riggs, global president at amika; Nir Kadosh, founder and co-CEO of Heat Makes Sense; and Shay Kadosh, co-CEO of Heat makes Sense. Prior to the pandemic the three were set to be honored with the Spirit of Life award in 2020 and have stayed committed to City of Hope’s mission to end cancer ever since. Even though the pandemic put most of our lives on pause, people who have been battling cancer had to continue to move forward and fight – and it’s time we joined them.

how you can get involved

Our vision is to engage the beauty community (including both beauty brands and consumers alike) to spread awareness of the life-saving research that City of Hope is doing. By rallying all our friends (that’s you), we can amplify fundraising. So, here’s where you come in: we’re asking you to join our team and donate so that on November 30th, we can make a big impact. If you can’t join our team, we encourage you to share this page with your family and friends to help spread the word. Let’s join forces and fight against cancer! #GivingisBeautiful.

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