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a guide to surviving the holidays

While some people might describe the holiday season as the most wonderful time of the year, others might not agree. The year is ending and maybe you’d like to have a bit more time to complete at least one of those resolutions you made in January. It can also feel like the to-do list triples because now there’s holiday shopping to get done, too. Oh, and we can’t forget the upcoming end of year reviews at the office so it’s a must to look (and work) your best.

While you’re out there making boss moves at work and finding the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, don’t forget about yourself! Here are four easy ways to make sure you have the best holiday ever.

don't stress

Yes, we get that it’s probably easier said than done, but honestly the holidays should be a happy, stress-free time regardless of what’s on your to-do list. So be sure to take some special time and do things that make you happy – even if it is just putting on your most comfortable sweats, lounging on the couch, and binge watching Netflix. (We don’t judge!)

skip the hair washing

Totally probably not what you’d expect anyone to say, but honestly if you’re crunched for time during the holiday season, it won’t hurt to skip a hair washing session. Instead, use a dry shampoo. Our perk up dry shampoo is a talc-free cleanser that absorbs oil and refreshes hair. The silken up dry conditioner utilizes Provitamin B5 to smooth and strengthen hair and our phantom hydrating dry shampoo foam is a lightweight foam that absorbs dirt and product buildup at the scalp for a refreshing feel.

give the gift of time

Instead of stressing over the perfect gift for family and friends, why not just give them you? For example, if you know of a girlfriend that has kids, volunteer to babysit for a night or take her out for a fun mani/pedi session. Treat a stressed out friend to cocktails. Help your dad do some yard work and your mom decorate and clean the house. Volunteer at a senior citizens home or a soup kitchen. A lot of times just being there for people is more than enough!

treat yo'self (and your hair)

After it’s all said and done, you don’t want to end the holiday season depleting yourself. Instead try to throw in little pockets of joy by treating yourself. Of course, it’s whatever you want to do, but might we suggest you take a second to treat your hair as well? Indulge strands with one of our deep conditioners. The soulfood nourishing mask contains Jojoba Seed Oil to strengthen strands and Vitamin C to assist in healthy hair growth and repair. The kure intesive repair mask has the perfect ingredient mix for damaged hair: shea butter smooths and softens, borage oil (from sunflower seeds) makes sure hair stays stronger, shinier and more manageable. Also, don’t forget to treat hair to a heat protectant such as our blockade heat defense serum to avoid breakage and damage before blow drying, straightening or curling your hair.

By Andrea Arterbery, The Strand Contributor

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