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7 ways to get out of a hair rut

Whether it’s our dating life, fitness regimen, or lunch order – we’ve all been in a rut before. You get a little too comfortable and before you know it, you’ve fallen into a routine that at first made you feel secure but eventually left you feeling uninspired and more than a little… blah.

When it comes to your locks, a rut starts innocent enough. It’s the same cut or color every 6-8 weeks that you lovingly refer to as a “signature style” until the #10YearChallenge forces you to realize that while your choices in clothing and romantic partners may have evolved, your hairstyle has been the same for the last decade.

We’re not going to lie - switching up your hair can feel overwhelming! After all, your mane is an integral part of your identity and there are a ton of options out there. Not all change needs to be drastic but sometimes when it comes to shaking off stagnant energy, a complete 180 is necessary. As analysis paralysis is a very real phenomenon that can hold up a good decision, we’ve created a little guide to aid you in the process. Keep on reading to discover a few easy ways to shake it up below:

+ if you have curly hair - try the Polished Perfection 2.0 for a smooth, sleek look– it’s an upgraded version of our cult favorite.+ if you always wear your hair straight - ride the wave. From mermaid waves to boho bed-head, the world is your oyster with the High Tide Deep Waver. + if you wash your hair everyday - you may think your hair gets greasy but it’s actually the frequent washing that causes it to be oily. Lay off the daily shampoo and start simple. Try to go one day without a rinse. If your hair feels greasy spray Perk Up Dry Shampoo at your roots to absorb excess oil, massage in as you would your actual shampoo, then be amazed at the clean, fresh hair feel sans water.
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